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Lost Creek Mountain Property - Recently Sold

Ten Sleep, Wyoming

This 2,575± acre mountain property is located in both Washakie and Natrona counties, approximately 35 miles south of Ten Sleep. The ranch is situated on the southwest end of the Bighorn Mountains with Lost Creek, Little Lost Creek and six tributaries passing through the property. The terrain is mountainous with open sagebrush flats transitioning to foothills and mountains covered with dense stands of pine and aspen trees. The small mountain streams that are scattered throughout the ranch flow west and eventually north into the Nowood River, providing drinking water for both wildlife and livestock. The ranch is extremely private with huge expansive views. It offers an ideal combination of timbered areas that provide excellent wildlife habitat and rangeland that allows for a functional grazing property.


The Lost Creek Mountain Property is located south of Ten Sleep, Wyoming, taking in a significant portion of the southwest Bighorn Mountains.  Approximately 35 miles from Ten Sleep, the ranch is extremely private, in an area that is lightly impacted, and much as it was 100+ years ago.  Just an hour from the ranch lies Worland, a mid-sized, prosperous town that sits in the middle of the Bighorn Basin.  Commercial air service is available in nearby Cody, and Worland has its own airport for private aircraft. Worland has a full range of services and amenities to accommodate most needs.  The ranch is accessed by the county road Cherry Creek Stock Trail, just off the Upper Nowood Road. 


This area of Wyoming is primarily known for large tracts of land that lie in and below the Bighorn Mountains, feeding out towards the plains of central Wyoming.  Grass-covered bottoms flow up into ridges covered with sagebrush, then further up into timber country and aspen bottoms. Most all adjacent landowners use this higher ground for summer grazing of livestock and ultimately big game hunting for elk, deer and antelope.  The ranch is an exceptional hunting property.

General Description: 

The 2,575± acre ranch is accessed off Cherry Creek Stock Trail, a county road off Upper Nowood Road.  From Cherry Creek Stock Trail Road, the ranch is accessed by easement through the adjacent landowners.  The ranch is entered from the north onto the mid-elevation of the ranch. From there, the landscape changes dramatically, from open grass and brush-filled bottoms that feed up into rugged draws, benches, ridges, and ultimately to the highest elevation on the east side of the ranch. 

Lost Creek flows west and then northerly through the ranch collecting three tributaries and multiple spring-fed drainages before leaving the property.  The lower elevations on the west end of the ranch are covered with sagebrush and shaded rock outcroppings, providing ideal mule deer habitat.  To the east, the elevation increases from grassy bottom areas into aspen groves and pine ridges. The ranch is scenically appealing and a magnet for a broad diversity of wildlife.

Acreage Breakdown: 

2,575± acres total

2,294± acres deeded

160± acres state of Wyoming Lease

121± acres BLM Lease


Because of its elevation, Wyoming has a relatively cool climate. The average high temperatures in the summer months at Ten Sleep max out in the 80s and the average low in the winter months is around 20 degrees.   With increasing elevation, average temperatures drop rapidly. Summer nights are invariably cool, even though daytime readings may be in the 80s at times. High temperatures rarely reach 90 degrees on the ranch. In the wintertime, it is characteristic to have rapid and frequent changes between mild and cold spells. Average annual precipitation at Ten Sleep is around 12 inches. Snow at the ranch can be considerable and limit travel to the ranch in the winter. Although it is not predictable, the elevation of the ranch assures some serious snowfalls in winter which can reduce the accessibility to the ranch.

General Operations: 

The Lost Creek Mountain Property has historically been utilized as a summer grazing allotment for cattle, and hunting in the fall.  The ranch has been supporting 300 pair of cattle in the summer months.  Leased to a local tenant, the sellers have opted to lease the summer grazing.  The diverse topography and many different attributes of the ranch make it an ideal big game hunting property.  

Water Resources: 

There are multiple water sources throughout the ranch, providing plentiful water for livestock and wildlife.  Multiple spring-fed tributaries traverse throughout the ranch and ultimately end up in one of several drainages of Lost Creek.  The springs and creek bottoms flow throughout most of the ranch.  The ranch also has a spring-fed well that supplies additional water to the center of the ranch.

Wildlife Resources: 

Lost Creek Mountain Property is home to a variety of wildlife.  Showcasing the ranch is the opportunity of seeing trophy elk.  Elk frequent and inhabit the property.  Timbered ridges, spring-fed draws and grass parks are key habitat to supporting the area elk herd.  Besides elk, the ranch holds good populations of mule deer. The lower elevations on the west end of the ranch are covered with sagebrush and shaded rock outcroppings, providing ideal mule deer habitat.  There are also quite a few antelope scattered throughout the ranch as well.

Lost Creek Mountain Property lies in the elk hunting Area 48, an area known for producing giant trophy bull elk, and is relatively easy to draw a license. Numerous trophy elk have been harvested on the ranch.  The ranch has historically received “landowner tags” for elk, mule deer and antelope.  The ranch has areas of timber and spring bottoms that elk love to inhabit, and the mule deer enjoy the same.  The lower ground is covered with sagebrush that the mule deer love to browse and hang in for refuge.  

Recreational Considerations: 

Lost Creek Mountain Property offers endless recreational opportunities. The property and the area are known for its excellent hunting. In addition, Lost Creek Mountain Property is ideal for horseback riding, ATV riding and hiking. The dramatic views, the mountainous setting and the large ridges provide beautiful scenery while enjoying the ranch.


Based upon past years, the real estate taxes are estimated to run less than $1,000 per year.

Mineral Rights: 

Seller does not believe to own any mineral rights. Any owned by the Seller will convey to the Buyer at closing.  

Broker Comments: 

Lost Creek Mountain Property is an opportunity to own a solid summer grazing ranch and a beautiful hunting property in one of Wyoming’s most desirable areas.  There are plenty of elk, deer and antelope on, and traveling through, the property on a consistent basis for enjoying or hunting.  The surrounding area is loaded with opportunities to explore, without a lot of people.  Lost Creek Mountain Property is an affordable option to getting in and having the ability to hunt one of Wyoming’s most sought-after areas.  


Cash at closing

The Facts: 
  • 2,575± acres (2,294± deeded, 160± State of Wyoming lease, 121± BLM lease)
  • Excellent elk and mule deer hunting
  • Superb summer grazing allotment for 300-350 pairs for the grazing season
  • Ranch lies within elk hunting area 48, and deer areas 35 and 40; currently receiving landowner tags for both areas
  • An affordable ranch with great hunting
  • Extremely private
  • Thousands of acres of public lands surrounding or in close proximity to the property
  • Impressive panoramic views of the area and the Bighorn Mountains
  • No improvements
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