Financing Services

Hall and Hall was founded on —and grew out of—a perceived need for capital in the farm and ranch sector of the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains. Still today, mortgage banking is one of our core services. Hall and Hall enjoys an unparalleled track record of consistently and efficiently delivering investors high quality loans, thanks to an ongoing emphasis on competence and credibility.

Many of the folks who work in the lending arm of Hall and Hall were raised on farms and ranches, so they bring to every interaction a sensitivity to and understanding of the agricultural community.

Combine that with our understanding of resource knowledge, and it explains why lenders look to Hall and Hall to identify the characteristics that create land quality and value, such as diversity of agricultural resources, recreational features, conservation potential, location, and building improvement value.

Our far-reaching knowledge of land values and available loan products enables us to deliver accurate and definitive information early on in the process. With in-house appraising experts, common sense underwriting, and very competitive pricing, we’re proud of our reputation as a "say what we do and do what we say" lender.

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